Mobile Phone Signal Booster Antenna

Do you live somewhere remote? Poor or no mobile phone reception?

Then we can probably help you! We can supply a complete mobile phone antenna kit consisting of a GSM antenna, 7 metres of low-loss cable and a universal mobile phone connector. The antenna is specifically designed to operate on 900/1800Mhz and the UMTS range (for internet via 3G). The kit comes with the necessary mounting hardware for the antenna, is very easy to fit and should make a dramatic improvement in signal reception.

We use these kits for our phones as we have no landline connection available. Also, as we are in a remote area surrounded by quite high hills, there's only a couple of very specific places in the village where mobile phone reception is possible, and these are outside in the middle of the street. Everywhere else it's "No Service". However with the addition of these antenna kits we now have 3 reception bars on the phones and excellent speech quality!

We're so confident that these kits will improve your mobile phone reception that we offer a full money-back guarantee. Contact us for details.


Customer Comment

"I just wanted to e- mail you today! It's working perfect!!!! We have a signal of 6 bars! And also the neighbours have a perfect signal. The first time the telephone rang, we though"what is that noise?". It's almost a year ago that we had telephone in the house. It's so much better talking in your chair than walking up the street....Thank you very much!"

Customer Comment

"Just to let you know that the new telephone setup is working perfectly, and that I have a strong (two blinks) signal constantly on my new phone. Many thanks to you both for your help in getting the problem sorted out."